- Treo Tools - Treo Tools 2.01h

Utility and application launcher for Treo 600/650

Treochat is a freeware utility that is designed to improve the accessibility of your applications and system tools.

This application allows you to access the Palm Operating System (POS) Preferences and other native applications, send text between pilots and launch applications via the buttons and menus.

Treochat allows you to:

  • Access the POS (Palm Operating System) Preferences and return to Treochat via the Done button.
  • Access the most commonly used Treo native applications via the touchscreen buttons and menus.
  • Send text between PDAs
  • Beam FileZ, Graffiti Anywhere, JShopper, Palm Insider Pro, Panda, OpenChess and Zap!2016 between PDAs

An interesting and useful utility for your Treo. - Treo Tools

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